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NEW UPDATE: (September 1st, 2010)

High time for a new update, I should think! Yes, indeed, I am still alive and well. This is to let anyone who is interested know that there are major changes coming about for this site, at long last. Two new blogs are in the process of being put in, the subjects of which will be of great interest, I hope, to the macro community.

The first will be the piece de resistance for the site, a blog which will examine the physics and science of macro size. It will place an emphasis on helping artists and authors in their depictions of the sizes and scales involved, as well as the impact on the surrounding environment.

The second blog will be for posting my own written creations. These will be stories embracing the ludicrous sizes and extremes which I so enjoy. Those of you who are familiar with my style of role-play will know what to expect. ;)

As always, the old artwork which I had commissioned in the past and placed on this site can still be found HERE.

Please note that this is material of a highly adult nature and not intended for minors or people who take offense at explicit images of a silly nature.



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